應迪棋 Dicky Ying

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應迪棋是全球 B2B 電子券平台米索飛的首席執行官。成立於 2014 年的米索飛正在其平台上處理3 億張電子券,總價值超過 300 億港元。米索飛支持全球超過 10,000 家商戶,主要分佈在亞洲,包括香港、澳門、新加坡、馬來西亞、日本、韓國、泰國、印度尼西亞、台灣。 米索飛每秒可以處理 10,000 個。它幾乎每秒都有優惠券交易。現在他正在將平台升級為區塊鏈基礎。


應迪棋擁有市場營銷學士學位和電子商務碩士學位,在零售、批發、電子商務和供應鏈行業擁有超過 20 年的經驗和相關專業知識。


曾在Timberland、Bausch & Lomb、Sa Sa Cosmetics等多家跨國公司擔任高級管理職務,帶領團隊統籌管理香港、中國和亞洲,涉及超過13個國家的跨境業務管理,因此具有非常強的跨境業務經驗。


目前,他領導著剛剛過去八年的金融科技公司米索飛。米索飛與 GS1(全球標準組織)建立了戰略聯盟生態。






米索飛平台連接到新的移動應用程序和傳統的 POS、CRM 和 ERP 系統,因此米索飛必須與包括業務開發、營銷、信息技術、會計和財務在內的許多不同部門密切合作。



Dicky Ying is the CEO of Mezzofy which is a global B2B digital coupon platform. Mezzofy, which was set up in 2014, is running about 300 million coupons or vouchers on its platform with over HK$30 billion total coupon value. Mezzofy supports over 10,000 merchants worldwide, mainly in Asia including Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan. Mezzofy can handle 10,000 per second. It has coupon transactions nearly every second. Now he is upgrading the platform into a blockchain basis.


Dicky has a bachelor degree in marketing and a master degree in e-commerce, over 20 years of experience in the retail, wholesale, e-commerce and supply chain industries and related expertise.


He has held senior management positions in a number of multinational companies including Timberland, Bausch & Lomb, Sa Sa Cosmetics, and led the team to manage Hong Kong, China and Asia as a whole, involving cross-border business management in more than 13 countries, so has very strong cross-border business experience.


Currently he leads Mezzofy, a financial technology company that has just passed eight years. Mezzofy has established a strategic alliance ecology with GS1 (Global Standards Organization).


Starting from Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia, he transformed a software company into a financial technology company to address the needs of brand owners, retailers and consumers through a digital platform.


A key success in recent years is the establishment of a new digital coupon platform which is used by Hong Kong’s largest restaurant group, covering the Group’s nearly 100 brands of catering services and support over ten thousands of retail stores.


The platform is connected to new mobile applications and traditional POS, CRM and ERP systems, so the company must work closely with a lot of different departments including business development, marketing, information technology, accounts and finance.


I wish to promote Innovation and Creativity to the community as a member of IEA. In 2023, I wish to see more and more creative businesses and startups to grow in HK, with the aid and contribution from IEA. I wish IEA could become the icon of HK in the realm of innovation.

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