March 9, 2017 In News

CSI7 2017 網站維護及新網上平台開發招標

Request for Proposal of

Development of a New Online Platform and Maintenance of the existing project website for Cross Industry Matching Showcase 2017


Background is the official website and storage place , to contain most of the Designers’ contact information and creative works. It acts as a Designers directory and provide ease of use search function for customers to select suitable Designers.


Website is a contact and information directory with contact details and search function; however , some enterprises hesitate to cooperate with designers because lack of visual and information on what is “crossover” and how to “crossover”; additionally , customers prefer to see a real product with custom graphic design rather than traditionally wait for few days to produce a “mock up” graphics. A new online platform allow Designers co-create an end product using enterprises’ product. It helps enterprises understand a typical end product of “crossover”. Then when customers try to search some products or attracted by online media placement of CCS, they will able to see their preferred product with Designers graphics instantly, no need to wait for a few days for Designers to source cooperation enterprises and start design the graphics. As a result, it encourages the customers to place enquiry.



l   To maintenance existing project website by update of information, bug fix to enhance user experience and ensure the smoothest of website browsing.

l   To provide hands on experience for designers , manufacturers and customers to explore business opportunities by means of a easy-to-use online information and crossover product demonstration platform

l   To provide ease of use function for designers to integrate, crossover their images and characters with pre-set product images provided by manufacturers


Deadline of submission
14 March 2017


Please download the full document here.