August 1, 2013 In News

CSI4 2014 項目管理招標



Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA) will apply the funding support from Create Hong Kong again to organize a “Cross Industry Matching” project to promote creativity and innovation in Hong Kong by inspiring cross industry matching in commercial applications. This year is the 4th year of this project which aims at creating a cross industry matching platform for local designers and enterprises in Hong Kong. We hope to have a proposal with brand new highlights in order to arise public awareness.





To facilitate cross industry collaboration between local designers and enterprises by the following activities:

a)To handle the liaison and documentation between all parties including our association and Create Hong Kong in order to facilitate the feasibility of this CSI4 project.

b) To organize or co-organize with a capable party a 3-day Cross Industry Matching Showcase in a venue with track record. We expect the show can reach at least 8,000 unique visitors.

c) To organize seminars and press conference to market and promote the program to the public

d) To manage or select an appropriate service project to manage a self-sustainable Online Platform for “Matching Your Designers” with sophisticated Designers’ database and showcase for designers to self-manage and self-promote their own designs and masterpieces for their potential clients.

e)To organize workshops to train up the exhibitors and local designers in creative industry with business communication, sales and marketing concept, client management skills for cross industry business matching

f) To organize a Mentoring Scheme for local creative industry

  Dealine: 13 August 2013  Please download the full document here.