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2016年創意創業大賞得獎者-LOST Mr. Rick Woo

2016年創意創業大賞得獎者-LOST  Mr. Rick Woo



Mr. Rick Woo
LOST is a series of reality escape rooms which is a physical adventure game where players are locked inside pre-set scenarios rooms. The escapers are limited to use only the elements inside the game along with their abilities to find clues, solve puzzles, and perform actions in order to escape 45 minutes. The goal is to excel their “cognition”, “communication”, “cooperation” and “observation” skills while having a great time.
Started in 2013, headquarter located in Hong Kong Causeway Bay branching out to 7 different locations in Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.
Who-we are a unique and innovative realistic escape adventure that originated from Hong Kong locally since 2013.
What-We take pride and care in developing intuitive escape games as an entertainment to serve the mass audience without limited to age, gender, or nationality.
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